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Make it yours!

InPeaces strives to find a way how garments can easily be customized and sewn at home. Because we understand that what we wear tells something about us. So what would work better to show our own personality than a personal garment? 

Developing a safe and intuitive guiding system in the seam allowance shall enable tomorrow's customers to decide if they want to purchase a ready-to-wear clothes made in a factory or take over the sewing part themselves and create their individual garment at home with a ready-to-assemble set.

Creating fashion with our own hands and based on our personality has the potential to slow down consumption and motivate us to keep an repair our clothes. Because it's fun and we value the things we made. 

Self-explaining sewing sets:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-13 um 09.11.43.png

InPeaces codes all necessary sewing instructions into the seam allowance. Our sewing-by-numbers system is foolproof by defining the exact position of the pre-cut pieces towards each other. 

The starting notch ensures that always the right layer is on top.

The corresponding shapes reconfirm the correct position or stretch while sewing. 

The various corresponding shapes transfer all the needed information to the user such as work step, number of layers or necessary stitch type.

See how it works:

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