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"mvp" stands for "minimum viable product" and that is exactly what we want to create with our personalized street wear collection. We are currently working on launching our first product line: Ready-to-assemble hoodies and beanies that you can sew at home and add a piece of yourself into the hood or the lining. 

We want to enable clothes that carry your memories or a favorite color or pattern so you can make them truly yours. With sewing a ready-to-assemble hoodie you create a unicum - a one of a kind piece. And even if you cannot sew or think you can’t: Ask around who can! You’ll be surprised how many people actually sew. 


So do also you keep garments with emotional value in your wardrobe that you don’t want to give away but also never wear again? Like a graduation t-shirt or a beloved piece from a previous decade? A favorite longsleeve that has a stain but you associate so many memories with it? Give those pieces a second life! Re-use them for a new garment that you will love again and actually wear.

New set of hoodie pieces


beloved shirt from the 90's

Hoodie parts black.png


Childhood hoodie.png

clothes that know you well.

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